Bounce House , Water Slide, Interactive Games and Concession Machine Rentals. Serving most of South Placer County and parts of Sacramento County, CA. Including : Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Penryn, Newcastle, Ophir, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, with parts of Auburn, California.

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Mickey Mouse Bounce House Rental
Mickey Mouse
Frozen Bounce House Rental
Frozen Jump
Disney Princess Jump House Rental
Princess 2 Jump
Toy Story Bounce House Rental
Toy Story 3
Colorful Castle Bounce House Rental
Colorful Castle
Justice League Bounce House Rental
Justice League
Colorful Castle Bounce Combo Rental
Castle Combo
15 Foot Dry Water Slide Rental
15' Water or Dry
Bouncy Boxing Ring Rental
Bouncy Boxing
Multicolor Bounce House Rental
Multicolor Jump
Multicolor Combo Rental
Multicolor Combo
Speed Pitch - Fast Pitch Rental
Speed Pitch
Popcorn Machine Rental
Hot Dog Machine Rental
Hot Dog
Sno Cone Machine Rental
Cotton Candy Machine Rental
Cotton Candy
Disney Princess Bounce House Rental
Princess Jump
Disney Princess Combo Rental
Princess Combo
Disney Cars Bounce House Rental
Cars Jump
Disney Cars Combo Rental
Cars Combo
Happy Birthday Bounce House Rental
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Combo Rental
Birthday Combo
Sports Bounce House Rental
Sports Jump
Sports Combo Rental
Sports Combo
Monsters Inc. Bounce House Rental
Monsters Inc. Jump
Monsters Inc. Combo Rental
Monsters Inc. Combo
Power Rangers Bounce House Rental
Power Rangers
Power Rangers Combo Rental
Power Rangers Combo
Winnie the Pooh Bounce House Rental
Winnie Pooh Jump
Winnie the Pooh Combo Rental
Winnie Pooh Combo
Finding Nemo Bounce House Rental
Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo Combo Rental
Finding Nemo Combo
Pirate Bounce House Rental
Pirates Jump
Pirate Combo Rental
Pirates Combo
Sponge Bob Bounce House Rental
Sponge Bob Jump
Sponge Bob Combo Rental
Sponge Bob Combo
Little J's Jumps is located in Loomis, CA. Our bounce house rental service area includes: Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Penryn, Newcastle, Ophir, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Antelope with parts of Auburn, California. We offer: Bounce House Rental, Jump House Rental , Jumper Rental, Water Slide Rental, Inflatable Game Rental, Bounce House with Slide Rental, Inflatable Combo Rental. We also offer: Concession Machine Rental, Sno-Cone (Snow-Cone) Machine Rental, Popcorn Machine Rental, Cotton Candy Machine Rental and Hot Dog Machine Rental.
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