Preparing and planning for a jump house, water slide or other inflatable at your event.

Castle Combo Bounce RentalBe sure that you have enough space to setup an inflatable bounce house. The sizes of our inflatables are listed on their respective pages which you can access from the 'Rentals' webpage. We list the 'area required' for each inflatable. Bounce houses must not rub bushes or trees.
Toy Story 3 Bounce House RentalTurn off automatic sprinklers near jump house setup area. Remove any toys, twigs, rocks and any animal droppings. Hard surfaces like driveways, please sweep clean. A clear path of at least 3 feet wide is needed to reach setup area. A standard 110v grounded 3-prong outlet within 100 feet of the setup area is also required.
 Colorful Castle Bounce House RentalGrass, concrete, asphalt, sand, bark, gravel and dirt surfaces are acceptable. Also, we can level out some slopes or irregularities for our 15'x15' bounce houses. Maximum slope is 15 inches of drop over the the 15 foot length of the inflatable. The jumpers can span over planter borders, curbs, etc. if need be without affecting the jumping experience.
Water Slide RentalWe plan one-half hour to set-up and to make sure you are happy with our services. We usually collect rental payment at this time. Payment may be in the form of cash, check, debit card, or credit card. We will go over the safe operation of our inflatable rentals and instruct you on the use of our yummy and fun, easy to use, concession machines.
Bouncy Boxing Inflatable RentalWe recommend that you place your reservation request in as soon as possible. We do not require a deposit to reserve and there is never any penalty of cancellation for any reason. We do book in advance. However, last minute reservations are often accepted. Please contact us if you have any unanswered questions or just need a more specific answer relating to your event situation.
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