Guidelines to be sure your inflatable adventure is a safe one.

Disney Princess Bounce House RentalBounce houses are safe and fun for all as long as you follow some important rules. We will walk you through and leave you a copy of the safety rules at time of delivery. Special safety features are factory built into every one of our inflatables. Including: safety steps, secure safety netting, and child safe blowers.
Dazzling Castle Bounce House RentalA responsible person must supervise the bounce house at all times. Compatible sized children should play in the unit at the same time, regardless of age. Do not overload the jump. If needed split the children into groups. It's best if children do not sit or lay down when other children are jumpimg and bouncing near them.
Concession Machine RentalThere should be no pushing, wrestling, climbing of the net walls or any aggressive behavior that could injure other children. Do not attempt to move the bounce house once it is set up. We set the bouncer up and secure it so that everything is as safe as possible.
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